Fashion trends and casual chic during the pandemic

May 16, 2021


Hello, World: Coming Out of Quarantine in StyleComfort has been king for most households during the Pandemic.

Barring the occasional dressed-up top for a waist-up video chat, most of the public’s fashion choices were reasonably dominated by a fusion of leisurewear and activewear. It’s been real, fluffy slippers, but it’s time to move on.Now, as the vaccinated population continues to grow, those with antibodies are finally feeling free to return to their lives. Of course, some changes remain, and the adjustment will be gradual.

It’s never too soon or too late to lean into sprucing up your wardrobe and evolving your personal style. Stepping out of quarantine with a fresh, casual chic look, is one of many things to look forward to. There’s much to be said for taking pleasure in the little things, after all.Beyond the MaskSurely the various face coverings used by the masses during the coronavirus pandemic will continue to be legendary for some time. Many companies’ and regions’ mask requirements remain strict. For others, it’s been reduced to an advisory. Either way, diving back into tourism is bound to bring smiles, covered or not.It’s common to own a face mask collection; some offer better breathability, while others are warmer or better suited for certain outfits. With an abundance of outdoor activities on the rise, there’s still a huge corner of the market for masked up style with customized comfort. They’ve undoubtedly become the fashion accessory of the era, and it’s always a good idea to have one handy, just in case — even if only as a reminder to be grateful for when it’s safe to skip it.

The End of Trends? These days, messages matter more than ever. People are connecting strongly with styles that speak to them. In many ways, wearing what makes you feel good is the new style, and it’s likely to stick around.
Of course, taking pride in how you look will be an ongoing, natural source of joy as populations return to civilization. When you do venture back out to the social world, you can proudly rock your updated, fantastic fashion sense. Because while comfort is still a priority, putting our best post-pandemic foot forward is an opportunity not to be squandered.